Thursday, November 26, 2009

Worth thinking about

Lawrence Martin writes today:
"What to do now? The only way for the Liberals to really batter the Conservatives is to give them a lethal dose of their own medicine. A strategy of total aggression, starting with personal attack ads aimed directly at the Prime Minister. Mimicking Tory tricks, use dated Harper quotations to pillory him. Drag out the old Harper lines that showed him smearing the country as second rate. Highlight his long list of flip-flops and displays of hypocrisy."
Such a blitz would put an end to the Harper free ride.
Total aggression, that sounds exactly right for taking on the Harper Conservatives. Personal attack ads of the variety Martin describes sound quite justifiable, there's lots of hypocrisy material in particular. Goes to trust, saying one thing/doing another, etc. The Harper pledges on the deficit, for example, would be big. Patronage, accountability, lots of material. It's his record after all.

Then there are all the quotes from the B-team that are just ripe for the picking: Maurice Vellacott, Gerald Keddy, Lisa Raitt. Quite a picture that could be painted.

Not to exclude or diminish the policy ramping up, at all, there can be two (or more) tracks. But this one-sided onslaught has to be met at some point.