Wednesday, December 02, 2009

More stimulus truthiness to follow-up

As a brief follow-up to my post last night on "Stimulus progress truthiness" and the news that the Flaherty machine is supposed to tell us today about all the wondrous jobs being created on this basis:
...1,390 - or 43 per cent - accounting for $1.4 billion in federal funding have moved beyond the announcement stage and have started work, Chris Day said.

The government considers a project to be underway as soon as it is put up for tender, he added - so the public may not see construction crews at work, but new jobs will be created through design and engineering.
Received this email on that point, which others are free to follow-up for themselves as background to Flaherty's numbers today:
as a general rule, design and engineering is less than 10% the cost of a construction project, perhaps as much as 40% for software.

you might be able to find the exact averages at PMI (Project Management Institute)

In other words if the government has started construction on 10% of projects, then the most they have spent is about 10%.