Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The youth vote

This is a good idea:
Here’s what we need in 2010 — the youth to take over. Everybody is sick and tired, or at least they should be, of the eternal grip on power of the post-war baby boomer cohort.
Among our elected representatives, in the cobwebbed chamber that is the House of Commons, there is one guy with the potential to light a fuse.
Justin Trudeau, 38, is the politician who can change things. He is young, articulate in both languages, dashing, magnetic. Wherever he goes he draws a crowd. Charisma is a rare political gift. About one in 1,000 have it. He has it.
The Liberals should do all they can to showcase him. The youth vote is up for grabs in this country and the party that gets it will be the party on the move. It’s how Barack Obama won. As his campaign manager, David Plouffe, relates in his book, The Audacity To Win, what the Obama campaign did was change the electorate. It reached down below the boring baby boomers to the emerging younger cohort and awakened it.
That’s what has to happen here.
Of course there are no magic bullets and no one is likely to replicate the magical Obama campaign. It is true, though, that the youth vote looks very competitive for Liberals if you watch the polls. There's no reason not to go after it in a concerted way if a party has an asset like Trudeau. Going after the youth vote with him, that's a no-brainer to ramp up, moreso than it already is.