Sunday, January 24, 2010

A few Sunday notes

Just a few minor observations kicking around today...

Someone's looking very tired these days. Read into that what you may.

The coalition bogeyman made a brief appearance on Question Period today in the form of Conservative MP Rick Dykstra trying to deflect from the anti-prorogation rallies yesterday. He also hauled out the fact that Bob Rae, his Liberal counterpart on today's panel, prorogued the Ontario legislature while Premier. Rae handily dismissed the argument by pointing out that it's how Harper has exercised prorogation twice over the past year, to avoid a confidence vote and parliamentary scrutiny that's the difference. Prorogation has never been a controversial constitutional issue until Mr. Harper made it one. That's all the Conservatives could muster up today by way of answer in the discussion, "coalition" and Bob Rae did it too. They've so lost this issue, they should just admit it.

Below, some more video from yesterday, since it's still the big issue of the weekend and the effect of these demonstrations will carry on into the week as some show up to work on Parliament Hill despite the government's shut down of the institution.

Here's Canadian Press interviewing people at the Toronto rally, the kid at the end is probably the most succinct and wisest of the bunch (apparently there is an ad at the beginning here which you can't get rid of, so bear with it):

Finally, this one from Parliament Hill, Ignatieff speaking where some news was made in his recognition of the demands for limits on prorogation. We may hear more about that at the democratic governance forum that Liberals are hosting, I believe this week:

I think that sign they flashed to, "Down with this sort of thing," is one of my favourites from the weekend, hilarious.