Saturday, January 23, 2010

Great day at the Toronto #CAPP rally

Update (11:10 p.m.) below.

Back home and warming up. It was a memorable and enthusiastic rally, great spirit among the crowd and well-attended. I see numbers varying out there but from the street, with people as far as the eye could see, it was hard to tell. Could have been anywhere between 7,000 -10,000. A great day with friends and some new acquaintances!

Some photos:


Loved this one, "recalibrate this":

A simple cartoon, hand-drawn & a classic riddle:

Hey, I've seen this one somewhere before:

I'd say mission accomplished, the prorogation penchant of Mr. Harper has been thoroughly called out.

Bravo to all who organized and attended, job well done!

Update (11:10 p.m.): BigCityLib, all I will say is, dude, you really need to get on twitter. It's 2010, get thee to a Blackberry, BCL!

Update II: You can find the rest of my photos from the rally here.

Update III: Awesome photo stream of the entire thing here (h/t).