Monday, January 11, 2010

Self-interest turned on its head

A few quick thoughts on the ads, wondrous beasts that they are.

The "self-interest" stands out. This picks up on last week's Economist editorial framing of Harper's move as one of "naked self-interest." No use of the word "naked" here, probably a good call:)

The "self-interest" charge also goes directly back at the Conservatives over their attacks against Ignatieff, that Ignatieff is only "in it for himself." Turning that charge back on Harper, based on his actions, it raises the question, who is the self-interested individual here then? Shutting down Parliament is a significant overt act in the here and now, where the political self-interest for Harper is obvious. Like it, this little bit of that Rovian jujitsu strategy thing, or something like that.

Also like the tag line "Liberals are working" on the print ads. Canadians are working, Liberals are working, why can't Parliament be working? It's a subtle thing but it stood out to me. Seems like a worthwhile kind of branding, with lots of implications, to carry on beyond this campaign.

Anyway, don't like to analyze these things too much. They strike me as a welcome change, hitting hard in the early going of 2010, it's absolutely warranted. Beyond all the politics, the parliamentary shutdown certainly deserved a national ad campaign.