Saturday, January 09, 2010

Something to watch for...

Saw an Economic Action Plan ad last night, the first one in ages (although I haven't seen that much television lately). If we do start seeing more of such advertising now and in coming weeks, the timing would certainly be suspect given the obvious polling trouble (pgs. 5, 6) the government has fallen into as a result of the prorogation decision.

So, it's worth watching to see if this is the beginning of yet another spell where the Conservatives haul out the feel-good government advertising, plastered everywhere, to boost their numbers. Recall what happened in the fall. They spent just over $3 million on a newsprint and web advertising ad campaign called "Creating Jobs" in a 2 week period in September, when the prospect of having an election was still on the table and the "stay on track" campaign from the government began.That advertising also occurred around the time of a Harper economic update statement. Recall that we also saw lots of televised Economic Action Plan ads and Home Renovation Tax Credit ads at the time.

In the lead up to a new budget that is theoretically supposed to speak to deficit reduction, surely the Conservatives wouldn't engage in such self-interested advertising again...would they?