Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Those who art not prorogued

Kevin Page, Parliamentary Budget Officer extraordinaire, for one. Scott's already highlighted that point today. And we all know that Liberals are also back on January 25th, as scheduled. Sounds like the Bloc will be in Ottawa too, they do love it there, after all. No official word from the NDP but some commentary from one of their MPs along with a grammatical fluorish from the Globe:
Libby Davies, the House Leader for the New Democrats, said the members of her caucus art outraged by the prorogation, “how arrogant it is, and how [Mr. Harper is] trying to get off the hook in terms of what’s happening with the detainee issue and the war in Afghanistan.”
Did you catch that? Heh.

The kicker from that little Globe item, as hinted at this morning in an earlier post, the Conservatives seem to be continuing on in an arrogant posture about the prorogation:
For their part, the Conservatives are chuckling about the opposition threats to return to Ottawa in the face of prorogation.
“We will be back after prorogation on March 3,” a spokeswoman for government House Leader Jay Hill said. And “if they held fake committees or things like that? Absolutely not, we will not be attending those.”
Nice. Please keep this up.

Sure sounds like there'll be enough going on in Ottawa to keep raising that pesky know, why is this here operation prorogued, anyway?

Blessed art those who are not prorogued. And working, just like Canadians. Or something like that.