Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The dam is starting to break

MPs are starting to break with their parties on the issue of the Auditor General's performance audit of MP expenses. MPs Siobhan Coady, Martha Hall Findlay and Peter Stoffer spoke out yesterday, expressing support for the Board of Internal Economy to review its decision not to let the Auditor General proceed with the audit. They'll probably be joined by other MPs going forward.

A former Auditor General had this recommendation yesterday:
"I can't imagine why they're resisting her," Dye said. "And in fact my advice would be to the Speaker is get your committee to reconsider this because the public is just going to be so offended. I mean, there's an election coming up one of these days, and people are going to remember who wanted to be exempt from scrutiny."
This one is starting to feel a little prorogationesque. It's another decision that flies in the face of the larger principle that Parliament and our MPs work for the people. With the MP expenses, it's the element of public accountability not being seen to be done that's building steam. In both cases, the public has been ahead of the politicians.