Monday, June 21, 2010

Billion dollar boondoggle: Canadians do care

On this reporting of a new Harris Decima poll yesterday..."G8/G20 ok despite $1B price tag: poll," that poll really doesn't contradict with the polls of this past week that showed overwhelming negativity about the costs that Canada is racking up in hosting these summits. The one released Sunday was geared toward getting a read on the apple pie kind of sentiment that goes along with these events:
Three-quarters of respondents to The Canadian Press Harris-Decima poll said this week's G8 and G20 summits in Ontario are important and worth the expense of their country hosting.

Some 76 per cent said the back-to-back weekend summits in Muskoka and Toronto were either very or somewhat important versus 20 per cent that said they were opposed.

Survey respondents favoured their country hosting the 72 hours of talks by a 68-26 margin.
Yes, Canadians are ok with us hosting these summits. In fact, they might even feel proud in doing so. But they're not ok with the expense that's being racked up when the sample is those who have "awareness of the summits," i.e., those who know how much they cost:
Of those polled who expressed awareness of the summits, 61 per cent said they were "too expensive to be worth it," while 32 per cent said the summits' costs were justified.
That's a level of discontent backed up by two different polls this past week that both showed overwhelming objection to the billion plus dollars being spent.

Summits, yes. But manage the costs efficiently. Entirely reasonable position from Canadians coming through in the polls. Now if we only had a competent government to reflect that common sense of Canadians.