Monday, June 14, 2010

Duceppe's letter to the world

A brash reminder of the danger of the Bloc: "Duceppe tells the world Quebec will hold another sovereignty referendum." Duceppe sent a letter (below) on June 9th, on House of Commons stationery, around the world to 1600 "decision-makers and elected officials" stating that another referendum on Quebec sovereignty is coming in the next few years.

It's been 5 days and there's been no reaction from the federalist leaders on this. Is it being shrugged off? Is it a big yawn compared to other issues? Because there are a lot of misrepresentations in the letter that need to be set straight for the record. Such things count when international actors are sizing up how we're acting. That letter needs a response from the government of Canada and failing that, some other federalist leader should speak up.

The Bloc and the PQ seem to be in disarray on this one, Duceppe's letter forces the issue at a strange time. Recall Lucien Bouchard's recent pronouncement that he didn't see sovereignty as feasible anymore. PQ leader Pauline Marois seems to have been caught off guard by Duceppe's move, backing away from it and asserting the PQ will control the timing. Yet on the other hand, Marois is clearly in line to form the next Quebec government, based on polls like today's, if things don't change, so who knows how events might develop on this issue.

Maybe this is Duceppe doing something he knows he might not have much time to do, push the sovereignty issue, as maybe he views his political career as coming to an end. One more election (now? the fall?) and he's likely finished.

But that's just an observation, the important point is the sheer affront of his action which should be addressed.

Brace for a referendum: Duceppe