Thursday, June 10, 2010

The G20 boondoggle rolls on

1. Posters! Bring on the pricey fake backdrops: "$1.1M for G20 posters." I'm thinking they might be blue...just a hunch. With some "C's" strategically emphasized. Why, for Canada, of course.

2. This humorist makes a good point. With all the justifications that tourism is the driving force behind the $2 million fake lake, let's just stop right there. Really, who plans their vacations based on the latest G20 location?
“Honey, I know your heart is set on Jamaica. But I really think we should go to Pittsburgh. I heard Silvio Berlusconi loved the ’Burgh Bits + Bites Tour!”
3. The fake lake as tipping point for Harper politically: "Harper’s political demise starts at G20 fiasco." Half of the thesis is the hypocrisy of preaching budgetary restraint and accountability throughout one's career yet "thumbing his nose at voters" now as he fails to give a sense that he gets why voters might be upset over the costs of this billion dollar summit and the pork barreling in Tony Clement's riding.

The other half of the thesis is the fallout that there will be from the abortion issue that Harper's mangled through the maternal health initiative that is on the table at the G8. Even yesterday, Bev Oda at an international conference was referring to abortion in code as a "divisive" issue. Not to the majority of Canadians and they keep getting that wrong.

4. Finally...the de-fingered gardener did it! In the tool shed with a spade. And a heck of a lot of fertilizer. Must be the busiest gardener in Toronto. Good work counter terrorism operation! Wonder how much that gardening escapade cost us! Exclamation!