Monday, June 21, 2010

G8/G20 notes: doozy version

1. The G8 security team moves fast! Exposed as a major security breach, a "doozy" was one word used, in reference to the Deerhurst Inn's floor plans being available online. They're still up after being on the national news last night (fast forward to 7:00 min mark). Good work security team!

2. World renowned expert alert! Karl Rove is coming to town for the G20 to speak at a "Faith and Business Leaders" conference:
"As G-20 World leaders gather in Toronto to make critical decisions, we are excited that Karl Rove, a world renowned expert will speak to us on how such decisions impact each of us," said organizer Charles McVety. "We are very concerned that G-20 World Leaders’ wild spending is putting our future in jeopardy. The moral cost to our children may be catastrophic. Mr. Rove’s common sense approach is a voice that leaders should take heed.”
Rove is going to speak about " to effect change democratically." Looks like it only costs $25 too. Hmmm.

3. The Economist still pursuing that special brand of promotion for the G8/G20 they've got on tap these days:
LEADERS of the G8 group of rich countries gather in Muskoka, a Canadian holiday resort, for a two-day summit starting on Friday June 25th. The meeting overlaps with the two-day G20 summit that begins the next day in Toronto. Both get-togethers will give the opportunity to world leaders to discuss global financial regulation, reforming international financial institutions and responses to the crisis in the euro zone. The Canadian hosts have been criticised at home for the vast cost of the summit, in particular on the creation of a huge artificial lake for the media centre in a country with more real lakes than anywhere else in the world.
Mission accomplished! Surely the fake lake will bring tourists from the world over with this kind of attention.