Friday, June 25, 2010

Harper hides with Hu

Hu and Harper held a bilateral meeting earlier in the day but there was no joint news conference afterwards as is normally custom when a foreign leader visits.
Le gouvernement conservateur tient peut-être un discours ferme face à la Chine sur la question des droits de la personne, mais quand la situation se présente, il préfère plier et accéder aux demandes de censure du gouvernement communiste. Le bureau du premier ministre Stephen Harper a accepté d'annuler une conférence de presse conjointe pour empêcher des journalistes chinois critiques de Beijing d'y assister.
Chinese President Hu Jintao was kept well-insulated from controversy during his visit to Ottawa on Thursday, thanks in part to Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s office, which went to some lengths to keep Hu away from media outlets that have been critical of the Chinese government.

The PMO, reportedly bowing to terms laid out by the Chinese consulate in recent weeks, organized Hu’s visit around specific demands to keep two media outlets away from the proceedings — New Tang Dynasty TV and the Epoch Times, according to sources.

In the four public appearances in Ottawa on Thursday between Harper and Hu, media contact was kept to an absolute minimum, with no press conference, as is standard procedure when foreign leaders visit Parliament.
Freedom of the press! Of the Chinese & Harperian variety. Welcome to Canada international community!