Friday, June 25, 2010

Summit cost scrap rolls on!

The Globe hauls out business executives to make the case that we the taxpayers should look at the billion plus being spent on the G8 and G20 as an investment. Not an expense. Silly us! Plus, business leaders get to meet and there may be economic gains down the road. All of which still doesn't go to the heart of the issue. It's not that it's bad to have these summits, it's the execution of this one by the Harper government that looks to be very off. Would love to see any of these CEOs justify such decision making and "investment" to their own shareholders.

Not all business types are in that camp though, watch the Dragon Den guy (the one who went out with Sarah McLachlan, pop culture note for you) lay into the decision making and cost on this CBC video clip (move cursor to 1 hr 30 min mark) .

And for today's view raising questions, once again, about the costs see: "G20: Canada’s billion-dollar summit mystery." Those economic gains haven't transpired for Pittsburgh but I suppose it's early.

Whether there will be progress or not seems open-ended at this point too. From a report last night:
Last minute talks were yielding little in the way of substantive agreement and issues like the global economic recovery, financial regulation, international development and climate change were up in the air, sources said.
Given the costs of hosting, the progress achieved deserves big scrutiny.