Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Truth in G20 polling

Greg Weston used his column today to take on the odd reporting on that Harris Decima poll that we saw on Sunday, the one that purportedly told us that Canadians don't care about the billion dollar cost of the G20 summit and are oh so on board with hosting international summits: "G20 poll dance." Weston, who has been keenly reporting on the excess G20 costs, points out that a lot of the questions were posed without the price tag being presented to respondents. Once they heard it...
Finally, the pollster got around to the $1-billion cost of putting on the two summits.

The result?

Almost 60% said the cost of Canada’s hosting the summits was “not worth it.”
Good to see a little bit of media matters-like checking by Weston here. That was indeed a puzzler of a report the other day that buried the lead: of course Canadians think these costs are way over the top.