Monday, June 07, 2010

We win again!

Something's a bit off with this proclamation:
Despite weeks of setbacks and scoldings, from allies as well as critics, Canada scored one success after another over the weekend in its efforts to shape the agenda of the G8 and G20 summits, thanks to Stephen Harper’s ability to exploit the swiftly transforming global balance of power.

Leaked communiqu├ęs and background briefings revealed that on the issues of funding for maternal health, a proposed bank tax and efforts to combat climate change, the agendas of the June summits reflect Canada’s priorities.
Those summit positions are Canada's priorities? No, not really. Canadians favour maternal health funding that includes all ranges of family planning options, including abortion. The polls have clearly demonstrated that. So to say that these communiques reflect Canada's priorities is most wrong on this particular issue.

While the polls have shown that Canadians are concerned about the economy to a greater extent than environmental issues, the Harper government doing little or nothing on the environmental front under the guise of harming economic growth is likely not where Canadians are either.

As for the bank tax, the win spin was dealt with yesterday, we never would have had a tax forced upon us. To say it's a win is just manufactured domestic pablum by the Harper crew.

This whole column is premised on Harper "winning" foreign policy victories on these issues. But who's he winning them for? The population or his party?