Wednesday, November 24, 2010

"Because we paid, we received."

From testimony at a Commons committee yesterday:
Mr. Sauvé did not back down, asserting that when his company was bidding for a contract to work on the restoration of the Parliament Buildings, he believed that, to have any chance of success, he had to pay a commission of 3 per cent of the value of the Parliament Hill contract to Gilles Varin, a Montreal businessman and Conservative supporter.

The payments totalled about $140,000, but would have reached $300,000 if LM Sauvé had not gone into bankruptcy after losing the Parliament Hill project in 2009, Mr. Sauvé said. He compared the retainer to Mr. Varin with 5-per-cent commissions that are rumoured to go to members of the Mafia in the Montreal construction industry.

“Because we paid, we received,” Mr. Sauvé said of the federal contract.
Forget the coat. It really was quite the spin operation to track down receipts and play up Christian Paradis as the downtown Thetford Mines coat shopping man. Besides, Sauve said he was asked for a certain amount of money to replace the coat. Providing a receipt for Paradis' coat isn't responsive to the charge at all. And on all matters, Sauve was under oath yesterday. 

So there was an effort to discredit to Sauve, from Conservatives, and it was picked up a bit in the media (Fife report at previous CTV link, for example). Go back and weigh what Gilles Varin said in comparison. Make your own assessments. Sauve has been interviewed and relied upon recently in connection with investigative journalistic reports on the Mafia and the Quebec construction industry as well. He's not exactly doing an easy thing.

There's an RCMP investigation going on here. There has been reporting done about bid criteria being changed the week before Sauve won his Hill renovation contract.

It's not about a coat. Renogate...back with a vengeance!