Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Bloc plays Conservative wingman

Or, should I say, wingperson. So let's see...what on earth were the Bloc doing voting with the Conservatives on the F-35 motion yesterday? Let's hear it:
Duceppe said he wanted the Liberals to guarantee an equal amount of work for Quebec if the F-35 contract was canned.

"They refused that and we have made an amendment (but the Liberals) refuse to have an amendment within their motion, so we will vote against their motion," Duceppe said.
Hmmm, you know who might not like such politicking? Quebecers! Remember this poll which said 62% of Quebecers thought the planes were an unjustified expense? And the Ekos poll of November 3-9th (pdf) which brought out that high rate of opposition among Bloc voters (53.7 % strongly opposed - highest among all political parties - with 23% somewhat opposed) and Quebecers (43.8% strongly opposed - highest in Canada - with 23.6% somewhat opposed)?

Could be some mighty thin gruel of a cover there that the Bloc cooked up. That's the way the Bloc chose to play it, we'll see how it plays in Quebec.