Sunday, November 21, 2010

Coming tomorrow:

Update (Monday: 5:50 p.m.): Go visit.

Home page screen shot

Something fun to look forward to for we political junkies! Tomorrow is the launch of a brand new independent and non-partisan political news agency,

In addition to the preview screen shots, here are a few details from some of their circulated promotional information. The news operation will be backed by 8 journalists, including Liz Thompson, with more big names to come. In addition to their own content, there will be paid-wire feeds from PostMedia and CP. This, they say will allow "...our team of journalists to stay focused on the important issues that MSM wouldn't cover." Sounds like they will be offering polls as well, they are " discussions with some great pollsters to come 'in-house'."

They are offering a free trial of all their services, with a subscription cost to come of "approx $180 a year without a group or promotional offer." A bunch of the services will remain free once the trial is over.

Best of luck to them, this all looks very interesting.

Morning Brief screen shot