Wednesday, November 03, 2010

A renogate update: nothing to see here

The affectionately termed "renogate," is back, by popular demand! So what's doing up there on Parliament Hill anyway on this malingering brouhaha?

Not too much on the actual renovation front it appears!
The problem-plagued renovation has become embroiled in political scandal and work has ground to a halt.
Details, details. What else...this doesn't look good (from same link):
Twenty-two murder charges have been laid against the former business partner of a construction contractor involved in the controversial renovation of Parliament Hill.
Well, maybe the screening mechanism used by Public Works might need some...tweaking. Maybe.

What about Gilles Varin, he who is not a Conservative, at all, nuh-uh, not if you touch him with a ten foot pole with a membership card attached...testifying in front of a Commons committee?
On Tuesday, Varin revealed himself to be well connected to several Quebec Conservatives, including Hubert Pichet, an assistant to Tory Senator Pierre-Claude Nolin. Pichet has also been a Conservative candidate.
And heck, an explanation was offered by Varin for his non-lobbying activities:
A Quebec businessman embroiled in a Parliament Hill renovation controversy that's under RCMP investigation says he made more than $100,000 simply handing out leaflets and talking up a construction firm.
See? As the Conservatives are saying:
"There's nothing to be caught here," Tory MP Chris Warkentin said.
Nope, move along folks. Nothing out of the ordinary here. This is how we renovate our national treasures, the Parliament buildings.