Friday, November 12, 2010

Respect for taxpayers! Part III The trough deepens

The question must be asked once again today. Conservatives: is there anything else we taxpayers can get for you as you seek to improve your partisan interests? What might you need today?
Conservative Senators are quietly using taxpayer-funded literature to target opposition ridings with a partisan crime message as the party gears up for the next election, the Toronto Star has learned.
Conservative Senators have been caught using office budgets to help campaign, here against two Liberal MPs. Senator Runciman is quoted as saying "Conservative campaign folks" put him up to funding flyers into David McGuinty's riding. Are the partisan barbarians at the gate directing Senate budget choices? Sure sounds like it. What rot it is.

Those Senators have, what, about $151,000 for office expenses? There are no more flyers for MPs so it appears they've been kicked upstairs to the Senate. Where is Nigel Wright, bearer of ethical walls, when you need him anyway?

This series is to be continued, it appears!