Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Stealth: it's not just for F-35s

The undercover PM! "Few witness Harper's visit to city." Good for this guy, the Liberal by-election candidate there, Kevin Lamoureux, is taking it to Harper:
"Under the cover of darkness the PM comes into Winnipeg North and then hightails it out of here," said Lamoureux. "I always thought politics was about engaging people. You have to question why it is they didn't want anyone to know about (his visit.)

He said voters should contrast that to Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff, who has visited Winnipeg North three times in the last three months, including holding an open town hall and taking questions from anyone who wanted to ask one.
Lamoureux said Harper clearly wasn't interested in taking any tough questions from riding residents about why his party killed its own justice legislation last winter, proroguing Parliament and sending at least half a dozen crime bills back to the starting gate. He said the Conservatives tout themselves as the only party that cares about fighting crime but in reality have done nothing effective.

"At the end of the day is it any safer in Winnipeg North than it was five years ago," asked Lamoureux. "Ask anyone who lives here. They will tell you no."
Clear messages, fighting stuff. Made Harper look silly too. Like this guy!