Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sunday reads

A few for you today that caught the eye...

This, for sure, read of the day in terms of a substantive issue in front of us that is not getting enough attention: "AECL up for auction but West’s industries protected." It's about the pending privatization of AECL, yes, but so much more too. Could be a sleeper issue.

Frank Rich on why Sarah Palin could very well be the Republican nominee in 2012. As the Republican hierarchy wrings their hands in vain. Did you see her infomercial/reality tv show last weekend? How does any other nominee compete with that air time and hagiography? Nature, family, all cut in beautiful ways. How do you compete with that powerful force? Kind of a commentary on our times, the power of the celebrity media and the changing nature of contemporary politics.

Just one more, Andrew Rawnsley on Ed Miliband's start as Labour leader, having been elected about two months ago and just now stepping into the role fully after a brief parental leave. Some familiar challenges cited there for a leader of the opposition. Lucky young Miliband though, no prospect that he will be facing a round of attack ads from the governing coalition upon his start.