Wednesday, November 03, 2010

U.S. election highlights (video)

It was a bad night for Democrats in losing control of the House of Representatives, although not as bad as it could have been, they did hang on to the Senate. The New York Times has a good interactive map with results and a fair editorial take on it all.

Here is some of the fun from last night's U.S. mid-term election coverage. And I do mean fun. SNL writers must be eyeing this material with glee.

MSNBC's Chris Matthews tries to shake Republican Representative Michele Bachmann from her unresponsive litany of answers to his questions in a novel way:

Losing NY Governor candidate Carl Paladino appears to be a few days late for Halloween (must see, one for the ages):

Finally, newbie Kentucky Republican Senator Rand Paul will be bringing his very unique world view to legislation in the U.S. Senate:

One addition, this brief item by Nate Silver is of some interest, on the phenomenon of the Nevada polls by leading organizations all being wrong in having tea partier Sharron Angle ahead of Harry Reid in the weeks leading up to the election.