Sunday, March 13, 2011

Japan earthquake appeal

The Humanitarian Coalition is putting out a call for Canadians to support the relief efforts in Japan.
As you already know, an earthquake of epic proportions struck Japan on Friday and triggered a tsunami causing widespread destruction and death. Dozens of aftershocks continue to rock the nation as hundreds of thousands of people sleep outside for fear of more tremors to come.

Tens of thousands of surviving children and families are at risk after their homes have been flattened leaving them without access to food, clean water and medical care.

HUMANITARIAN COALITION members are providing our Japanese partners with immediate support and are working in coordination with Japanese authorities to help affected children and their families.

The Japanese government and on-the-ground aid agencies have swiftly and capably begun emergency relief efforts. However, as with any catastrophe, the support and presence of the HUMANITARIAN COALITION members will greatly improve their ability to aid those in need.
 You can donate here.