Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Right wing advocates clawing at the Canada Health Act

"Give the Canada Health Act a Sunset Clause."
Canadians would be better served if the CHA were automatically scheduled for review every five years. Such "sunset clauses" are in fact quite common; for instance, Ottawa's laws on financial regulation -such as those in the Bank Act -require review every five years. The goal is to prompt serious rethinking, so that legislation does not become stale or ineffective. Stakeholders are forced to reflect on progress, failures, and potential threats, and revise the legislation accordingly.
Yep, let it become subject to expiry every five years. Brilliant stuff that I'm sure Mr. Harper would be happy to take a look at.
In 1999, a right-wing doctor, David Gratzer, wrote a book, Code Blue, that tore apart medicare, suggesting it should be replaced by U.S.-style private medicine and medical savings accounts. Dr. Gratzer now advises Republicans on health care.

Commenting on the book, Mr. Harper said: “Gratzer proposes a workable solution for the biggest policy problem of the coming generation – government-controlled health-care monopoly. Canada needs Gratzer’s solution.” Mr. Harper’s praise appeared on the cover jacket of Code Blue.
This is why I read the Sixth Estate blog and so should you.