Saturday, March 26, 2011

What don't the Conservatives get about democracy?

They have a hard time dealing with it, so we learn day in and day out.

We have just had a historic day, a contempt vote for the Harper government was expressed by a majority in the House of Commons. Because they don't respect Parliament, they don't respect our democracy.

And here they are showing their disrespect again. They want to discuss the outcome of the election, 24/7, with coalition talk. Yet Mr. Harper and his party have no business telling the country that we have to focus on the outcome right now, that we have to fast forward to a discussion about the result.

Maybe the Canadian people want to have the election first. Let's discuss the issues and the priorities of the Canadian people. Jumping to the end and fixating our discussions on a result where Harper's party is the presumed winner is not respecting the democratic process at all. Typical for Harper but not the way an election should proceed.

Then when we have a result, when the Canadian people have spoken, then, if needs be, maybe we'll be assisted by some constitutional experts and other political representatives who are working on guidelines if we get an unclear election result and who we might be hearing more from over the coming month. Note that "representatives of the Governor General" attended the first gathering that was held in February. This CBC report from October refers to the Governor General as supporting that meeting, also notable. In the meantime, there is a useful point made here about the coalition question.