Thursday, March 10, 2011

Your daily "in & out": don't forget the hoosegow

Yes, the Globe's editorial on the in and out scandal yesterday was subpar:
Re Electoral Regime Change (March 9): Your editorial utterly plays down the seriousness of the charges facing senior Conservatives.

In 2008, the RCMP raided Conservative headquarters to find a paper trail of evidence for these suspected transgressions. The Conservatives’ former campaign manager, Doug Finley, and chief fundraiser, Irving Gerstein – both of whom are now senators – as well as the party’s former executive director and chief financial officer face serious charges under the Canada Elections Act involving potential jail time. The Conservative Party and the Conservative Fund were also charged with two counts each, and face up to $100,000 in potential fines.

The charges allege that the Conservatives “willfully” incurred election expenses that exceed their maximum limits, and further charges allege that they provided election returns that “contained materially false or misleading statements.”

Carolyn Bennett, MP, Liberal democratic renewal critic, Ottawa
Today, on the other hand, in response to the contempt rulings by the Speaker, they're better: "A government in contempt, no doubt."