Thursday, July 14, 2011

Green energy and the Ontario election

John Podesta spoke in Toronto last night on what's going to be one of the front and center issues in the Ontario election, green energy:
Toronto, ON – This evening, at an event for Ontario opinion leaders, John Podesta, President and CEO of the Center for American Progress, former Chief of Staff to U.S. President Clinton and a key figure in the drive for clean energy jobs in the U.S. urged Ontario to build on its leadership in the global clean energy race.

“The global clean energy race is on and forward thinking decision makers recognize it as the way of the future,” said Podesta. “Even with tight budgets and questions about the future, this is the time to invest in clean energy. We have the opportunity to create millions of new jobs worldwide, deploy new sources of energy that are clean and domestically produced, and make our economies more efficient, diverse, productive and competitive.”

While he stated that the Green Energy Act has established Ontario as a clean energy leader, he cautioned against losing momentum or reversing direction.

"A long-term and important consideration is that the cost of conventional energy is going up, and will keep going up, while the cost of clean energy will continue to fall," he said. "Investing in clean energy today means investing in cheaper, more reliable energy for many years to come."

He applauded Ontario for its Green Energy Act, which has created thousands of jobs, is building a local renewable industry, and addresses the urgency of climate change in the face of competition in the clean energy economy.

"China and the EU are powerhouses in the new clean energy industry, worth 2.3 trillion USD globally by the end of this decade," he continued. "Ontario is well positioned and should capitalize on its lead."
Just say no to Mr. Hudak's brazen and irresponsible promise to axe the Green Energy Act. Much more to be blogged on this one in coming months.

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