Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Liberals will never be lonely

Not when Conservatives keep writing nitpicky, protests-too-much columns like this. Beardsley is probably right about the summer travelling being about staying in the media eye. Why not? It is important for Liberals right now. And really? Liberal plans for the summer require a stomp 'em piece? (Check out the commenters meming the line that it'll take more than a summer to rebuild for Liberals, snicker, in the piece at the CBC. Fun. The eliminationist strain in Canadian politics continues apace.)

Have to disagree with propositions like this one too:
As the third party, the Liberals will slowly fade from view. Yes, some of their veterans, including Rae, will have their moments, but third parties simply don’t garner the attention the Official opposition can attract. It’s a numbers game and it’s about profile, and the Liberals have neither now.
Dunno where Beardsley's been but this is a 24/7 media age. There's plenty of hungering for content. Arguably, there isn't enough content to fill the media beast that is probably disproportionate in size to what Canada can really sustain. Plenty of opportunity. And when parliament resumes, the panels will be comprised of the three main parties, just like in the last parliament. 

Slow news day...