Saturday, September 24, 2011

About that poll

Big poll in the Star today. It polled a ton of respondents and has the Liberals and PCs at 35% apiece. NDP at 23%. Recent polls have been showing the race tightening so this seems to fit. Every election is unique and this one's undercurrents are certainly swirling.

So, lots of work to be done in the last week and a half. Particularly here in Parkdale-High Park:
The survey suggests the Liberals would win Parkdale-High Park, an NDP stronghold for dynamo Cheri Di Novo, but lose St. Catharines, a seat held since 1977 by popular Grit Jim Bradley. As well, it forecasts the Conservatives picking up Liberal-held Kitchener-Conestoga and Kitchener Centre, but falling short in Tory Elizabeth Witmer’s long-time riding of Kitchener-Waterloo. And McGuinty himself is shown as only slightly ahead in his home riding of Ottawa South, one of the most reliably Liberal ridings in the province.

“There are a few anomalies,” Bozinoff said.
Now that is interesting. I wouldn't characterize this riding as an NDP stronghold, it's more like a swing riding if you look at the history. And as the federal election showed us, you can't take anything for granted these days. (See last night's post on the Parkdale-High Park race, by the way, on the fact checking of Cheri Di Novo's debate claims.)

Have a great day out there, all you campaigners!