Thursday, September 08, 2011

Canada falls from competitiveness Top 10

Noted from the Globe yesterday:
Canada has continued its slide in business competitiveness, falling to 12th place from 10th last year in a World Economic Forum ranking of countries around the globe.

The Conference Board of Canada, which prepared the data for Canada’s ranking, said Canada has slid steadily from 9th place in 2009 because other countries are improving their competitiveness while Canada’s score has remained almost identical over the past three years.

The board said Canada must place more emphasis on improving its productivity if it wants to maintain its high standard of living and quality of life.

“Canada should not be satisfied with its 12th place ranking,” said Michael Bloom, vice-president of Organizational Effectiveness and Learning at the Conference Board.

“Businesses continue to underperform in using our peoples’ skills and knowledge to generate new or improved products, processes and services. And Canadian businesses do not appear to be adapting adequately to globalization or building effective global value chains as quickly as their international competitors.”
Businesses underperforming in using our peoples' skills and knowledge...hmmm, kind of makes you think it might be a useful thing if a government were to encourage businesses to take on skilled workers who are presently not using their medical, legal, engineering or various other professional skills at all. Not using them because those people are new to the country and can't get jobs due to a lack of experience. But if they do get a little bit of experience, then maybe they can contribute to our economy and maybe bolster some of that there competitiveness thing much more than they presently are. And start paying taxes at a much higher rate than they presently do, which bolsters our tax base and funding of hospitals, education, job training programs, etc. That might be an idea. Even if it were only offered as a 1,200 person plan to begin with. Just a thought.