Thursday, September 22, 2011

Jerky populism watch

From Horwath's announcement yesterday, this claim on hospital CEO salaries:
Horwath noted that by capping executive salaries at twice the salary of the Ontario Premier, about $80 million could be diverted to programs like these to help new mothers.
As noted here, that number seems to be in question:
ADDENDUM: This morning the NDP released a new number associated with hospital CEO salaries - $80 million. Leader Andrea Horwath announced the NDP’s breastfeeding and birthing centre commitment, and said she would pay for it “by capping the salaries of hospital CEOs at $418,000 which will free up about $80 million.” The thing is, the math is not only off, but dangerous. As per my post this morning, at best, the NDP could save $3.7 M from capping the salaries of hospital CEOs.
So which is it? $3.7 million is a far cry from $80 million.

Also on the let's-talk-real-issues front, this is getting little to no attention. Mental health:
What is a surprise, though, is that only the Liberals included a commitment to increase mental health services, particularly for children, in their election platform. The Progressive Conservatives made a passing reference to the need for “patient-centred” reforms on a variety of health-care concerns. The New Democrats said nothing.
Not sexy enough for a photo op?