Thursday, November 03, 2011

It's that time again

It's G20 time, that is. Here is POTUS' G20 Schedule for the day. They're very forthcoming, the Americans about such things. Us, not so much. So what can we say about what to expect?

We'll probably see another nation showing us that it really doesn't cost that much to host one of these shindigs.

If you read POTUS' schedule, you will note that the G20 "family" photo takes place at 4:05 CET. Always a bit of intrigue surrounding Harper and those photos.

Harper will hold forth to the other nations
-He will implore the Euro-peans to end months, if not years, of economic foot-dragging and to finally make some tough decisions. He says they must realize that it will involve "pain;"

--He will remind all G20 part-ners, most notably the United States, of the need to make good on their commitment to reach targets for deficit and debt reduction;

--To the emerging economic powerhouse of China, he will not back away from a message that has fallen on deaf ears - it's time for that country to pull away from its fixed currency so that the global economic trading imbalance can be resolved.

--He will urge all countries to implement financial-sector reforms agreed to in previous summits; and finally

--He will emphasize the im-portance of resisting protectionist trade measures.
It's a very serious meeting, actually. But we certainly seem to always be the ones pointing fingers at others these days, not so much in the boat rowing along with them.