Thursday, January 26, 2012

So Newt wants to build a moon base

I don't know, these things never seem to end well. Always too many hatches and lasers and super villains around.

Where to start with Newt's big announcement yesterday? It is a very serious announcement made during a presidential nomination contest, after all, it deserves some kind of attention, at least.

So let's start here at this fun thread in the Guardian. Check out the 6 pm entry and others around that time for example. Wink, wink, we know why Newt's big on space travel. Seriously. Tourism to the moon for honeymooners. Come on.

As those items in the Guardian demonstrate, Newt's been lunar obsessed for over twenty years now. Some might even call him a lunatic, pardon the pun. So this is not exactly original stuff from him. Hard to imagine it didn't catch fire over all that time. And now, as Americans are still in recovery mode from their great financial crisis that impacted the world, we'll see how in touch with the electorate Newt is with his "let's build a moon base by 2020." Sounds kind of expensive.

Besides, if Newt really wanted to do splashy visionary things with science, it's not so hard to find more pressing issues on earth that could do with much more U.S. government public investment and attention. Climate change is this generation's JFK moon shot and it's right under Newt's nose. Promise to solve that and the world would take note. But that kind of thinking is just not on with today's anti-science Grand Old Party.

P.S. Newt-Harper 2012.