Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Evening roundup

1. This was quick: "Ottawa approves Conrad Black’s request to live in Canada."

Despite Jason Kenney and his doth protesting too much act today, leaking of this news to the Globe today when Black is only to be released from prison on Friday suggests some kind of quick, political framing to the deed. "The Globe and Mail has learned that Lord Black paid a $200 fee for a temporary-resident permit on March 20, 2012. A source familiar with the matter said the Case Management Branch of the Department of Citizenship and Immigration approved the permit in March." Seems fast. A get it out of the way early, don't let it linger kind of thing...

2. DND digs in. They are sticking with their $15 billion F-35 cost despite the Auditor General's report and the news that $25 billion in F-35 costs were known to the Harper cabinet. Guess Canadians will have to weigh whom to believe. Auditor General's typically have mucho sway.

DND disagreed with the Auditor General's findings as reported by the Auditor General in his report, so the DND appearance today with their continued objection was to be expected. (AG, 2.80: "Full life-cycle costs were understated in the estimates provided to support the government’s 2010 decision to buy the F-35. Some costs were not fully provided to parliamentarians. There was a lack of timely and complete documentation to support the procurement strategy decision." 2.82: "Both National Defence and Public Works and Government Services Canada disagree with our conclusion that they did not demonstrate due diligence in their respective roles in the replacement of the CF-18 jets. The departments believe that the level of due diligence was appropriate within the time frame covered by this audit.")

DND also wants to stick with purchasing the F-35, despite the cost escalations. The government shows no signs of budging off the purchase either. Carrying on regardless, with the motto, apparently, when you are in a hole, keep digging.

3. Liked this article. For budding leadership candidates and politicos, a good question raised there: "What if, instead of starting with the current parties, you were precision-engineering a party and manifesto to appeal to the electoral sweet spot, to be the perfect vote-winning machine?" But read the article with a Canadian eye, of course.

4. Agree with last two lines here.


6. Music choice of the day. True story, had never heard that song until this week and probably wouldn't have if it hadn't been remixed by a DJ.