Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Flaherty's international diplomacy

Remember the G20 finance ministers meeting recently where Flaherty made a splash?
Canada was one of the few hold-outs in the G20 meetings last month that dissented against the International Monetary Fund's drive to create a $400-billion fund to backstop eurozone debt, and refused to pay its portion when the fund was approved.

The U.S. also did not contribute, but many suggested the decision was taken because President Barack Obama could not succeed in getting approval from a Republican-dominated Congress in an election year.

Canada's decision raised eyebrows in international circles, however, and led to suggestions Canada had isolated itself from the world's pre-eminent decision-making body with its stand. Flaherty flatly denied the charge.
Apparently the conservative newspaper the London Daily Telegraph couldn't get enough of Flaherty's position and requested an op-ed. So he's at it again, repeating the same message today with a less than subtle title and content: "The eurozone should sort out its own mess."

If you read the commenters at the Telegraph, again, keep in mind that it is a conservative newspaper.

The same op-ed appears in the Financial Post today, even more bluntly titled: "Jim Flaherty: Fix your own mess."

Winning hearts and minds the world over, that's us.