Wednesday, May 02, 2012


Crikey, you've got to hand it to Sun Media, they've discovered the Elections Canada database apparently: "Media 'experts' are Grit, NDP donors." They've tracked the political donations of three Canadian professors, Attaran, Byers, and Mendes, who have all donated, inter alia, to the NDP and Liberal parties. (And note this tweet from Errol Mendes, mentioning that he's assisted many persons and parties in Canadian politics over the years.)

University professors give donations to political parties. They know that this is all publicly disclosed. And yet they do indeed speak publicly on issues that are part of their expertise. Those who choose to be part of the public debate are prepared to have their words and positions stand, knowing that their donations can be tracked by any citizen. It's called transparency and all are free to judge whether such donations taint their public positions.

Singling out and publicizing the donations of certain individuals in the national media? That's something else.