Thursday, May 10, 2012

Sorry for all the incompetent government

A Tory MP backbencher is rebelling in a refreshingly candid fashion. Not here, of course. It's across the pond where the backbenchers appear to be doing more than baaing like sheep: "Tory MP David Davies sorry for 'incompetent government'."
A Conservative MP has written to a newspaper to apologise for the "incompetence" of the UK government.
In his letter to the Newport-based paper, Mr Davies offered his "apologies to those who feel the Conservative-led coalition has let them down".
"I must acknowledge there has been incompetence at the highest levels of government over the last few months in a number of departments," he said.
Those Tories and their incompetence, hey? Same story all over. F-35, ahem.

Maybe the rebel backbencher thing will catch on over here. Lord knows the Canadian Tories have much to apologize for these days.