Sunday, February 17, 2013

GTA debate aftermath

Dan Veniez has a column up this morning worth noting:
Only three can legitimately claim to have earned the right to stay for the next rounds: Trudeau, Garneau, and Murray.
While I may differ with Joyce Murray on some of the content of her program, she has proven herself to be one tough cookie and a very serious candidate. Besides her track record of actually winning contested nominations and close elections, she has positioned herself squarely as an important voice on the "progressive" wing of the party.
Murray has a thoughtful, comprehensive, and cohesive set of ideas. And whether I like it or not, Murray has shown a lot of guts to be the lone voice and intelligent advocate for "cooperation" with other parties.
Read the whole thing, of course.

The above excerpt also mirrors a conversation I had early on in this campaign with one of those senior politico types - you know, the over 50 ones who have been around a bit and who you should listen to if you are smart - who has worked as an adviser in Ottawa, provincially and municipally. We spoke at the end of November. He told me that as the race goes on, Joyce will be even keeled and steady. A leader. Others will flail and be all over the place by the end of the race.

Campaigns matter. Having been elected repeatedly matters. That came through in many ways for many of the candidates on the stage yesterday.

Carry on campaigning!