Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Momentum in #lpcldr

This is the last week for supporters to sign up by the March 3rd deadline. Take note and spread the word! So there is a lot of activity going on in the race in various momentum building activities. I like the way this blog item puts it for Joyce Murray's week to date:
Murray's campaign seems to be gaining some momentum. On Tuesday, Murray held a press conference announcing that Senator CĂ©line Hervieux-Payette has endorsed her ahead of her campaign's Quebec tour.
Last week, environmental guru David Suzuki penned an open letter to his supporters endorsing Murray. Suzuki's endorsement shouldn't be discounted. The popular — yet polarizing — figure has over 238,000 Facebook supporters and over 40,000 Twitter followers.
Murray is also expected to get a boost from pro-cooperation advocacy groups, as explained recently by the Canadian Press.
Leadnow.ca and several other groups are urging their members to sign up as Liberal party supporters in order to promote the idea of electoral co-operation among progressive parties to ensure defeat of Prime Minister Stephen Harper's Conservatives.
Leadnow.ca boasts some 225,000 members, a huge pool of potential supporters for leadership contenders to tap into.
This is still Justin Trudeau's race to lose, but Murray is quickly becoming the 'other one' to watch.
Suzuki open letter here.

Hervieux-Payette is the former Dion Quebec lieutenant, MP and chief Liberal organizer in Quebec during the '08 election, the last time the Liberal vote went up in that province.

I also note tea leaves like the responses to Martin Cauchon's "have your say" site that include many requests for consideration of cooperation and electoral reform.

Hearing that certain other Liberal offices have been flooded with emails on that subject as well.

Then, consider Andrew Coyne's column on electoral reform of the last 24 hours.

All adds up to intriguing developments in this race.

Carry on campaigning!