Sunday, March 03, 2013

A reaction to the debate #lpcldr

Just received this in my inbox:
There is a difference between a cheerleader and a leader.

Seven candidates in this race are acting like cheerleaders, expressing their faith that Liberals will win power either because it is inevitable (sailing dangerously close to the arrogance of assuming we are Canada's natural governing party) or because voters will simply like their leadership (little more than conceit). Neither suggestion is realistic, but the fans love it and applaud vigorously because we always want to cheer on our team, even when we know we are trailing by 165 to 35.

Only one candidate, Joyce Murray, is acting like a leader by recognizing the huge challenge ahead and laying out a practical roadmap to meet it. Fans may not like the medicine being prescribed, but they know in their hearts that it is temporary and that it will get us to where we want to be.

Proof that her message is being heard and taken seriously is the way in which other candidates are scrambling to misrepresent her position and talk about her alleged desire to "merge with the NDP." We trust that Liberals and Liberal supporters will recognize this for the attempt to deceive that it is.
The heat was on Murray this afternoon but she stood her ground and really sharpened the choice she is offering.

Tonight at midnight is the cut off to sign up as a supporter in the leadership race. Sign up here or here.