Saturday, July 20, 2013

Tory expense fun, it's not just for the Senate

Ahoy Tory riding associations!

Canadian Press follows the dollar trail to show us how political donation limits are playing out in Canada: "Eye-popping Tory riding war chests raise eyebrows." This is something we have known for a bit but it's nice to see reporting on it today in the wake of the Mike Duffy Senate expense extravaganza. It tells us that you can put in place all the low level limits you like but let's also look at where the money ends up. And at the need for that publicly subsidized money to be accounted for.

The Whitby-Oshawa federal Conservative riding association has $70,000 in "travel and hospitality" expenses? Crikey, that's high! No surprise here in the Conservative response: "...The Canadian Press did not receive any response to repeated requests for explanations from some of the biggest spending Conservative associations, including Flaherty's and Leitch's." The party of Senator Mike Duffy has apparently learned nothing from that ongoing investigative experience.

Who is helping to raise all that dough anyway? Tory Senators?

Carry on with all the great reporting out there!